The FRAME (Fine Resolution Atmospheric Multi-pollutant Exchange) model is a Lagrangian atmospheric transport model used to assess the long-term annual mean deposition of reduced and oxidised nitrogen and sulphur over the United Kingdom.

The model was developed from an earlier European scale model, TERN (Transport over Europe of Reduced Nitrogen). FRAME was developed initially to focus in particular on transport and deposition of reduced nitrogen and was named the Fine Resolution Ammonia Exchange model. Recent developments in the treatment of sulphur and oxidised nitrogen mean that it may now be considered as a robust multi-chemical species tool. The new name reflects these changes whilst preserving the familiar acronym.

Variations of the FRAME model are now also used to simulate transport and deposition of heavy metals, particles, base cations, and greenhouse gases such as methane and nitrous oxide.

Information on other models used in air quality modelling can be found on Defra's Air Quality Modelling pages.